Have you used this for lice?

Teresa • 28 TTC #3

As mother of two daughters and with them having long hair I have fought with lice numerous of times, i have used creams, gels, mayo, oils, otc lice killers etc.I believe with having kids with longer hair we have to go threw it at least once. You feel dirty, (even tho lice loves clean hair) it's a pain in the ass to get rid of, you have to keep them away from school, friends, family functions until it's gone, could take a day, a week even a couple weeks, it's just all in all stressful.

I have bought a comb it's called LiceGuard-Robicomb and it works wonders!! I bought it at Walmart for $20 and I swear by it! Brush the hair thru with a brush or comb then run this threw all the way and it Zaps bugs and eggs! I use it everyday for a week, takes about 5 minutes for each head and then I top off heads with tea tree oil while I wash everything. That last part is just me tho :)

I was wondering if you have ever used it and what do you think?

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