DNA testing?

when I found out I was pregnant me and my boyfriend had split up, I told him from the beginning if he wanted a DNA test I would do it without a problem because there's no doubt in my mind it's his. now, I'm 9 months pregnant & out of nowhere his family wants to DNA test my baby, I have no problem except for the fact that I don't have to prove a damn thing to them, the DNA test in the beginning was for him & they brought it up yesterday at my BABY SHOWER!! they're always giving me a hard time, so I asked him again if he wants a DNA test and he denies one. he said he won't partcipate because "he's not stupid" & "knows she is his". I just don't like the way they're doing things to me & im tired of suffering. I don't know what to do and I had to get this off my chest, this really hurt me because they're going to deny a tiny baby who doesn't have anything to do with anything & I feel bad because she deserves love from everyone.