Ok ladies so this month was my first round of Clomid, I have PCOS and have never gotten a postive OPK until CD21 which will be 2 weeks ago tomorrow. So I most likely O'd on CD22-23 so I'm calling today 12 days since. Well for the past 5 or so days I've had the slightest cramps, sometimes worse than other times but never anything that bothered me. I was extremely tired all of last week but has since got better (maybe because it's the weekend?), and had some slight nausea last week also, nothing that made me run for the bathroom but slight. Part of me wonders if I am imagining these symptoms, making them up in my head. Then this morning I had cramps that woke me up, cramps that convinced me AF had arrived because they hurt like that. (I never get cramps before AF they only start when she arrives) they were there for maybe 5 minutes but then subsided back to slight cramps, I went to the bathroom and wiped but there was nothing. About 7 hours later, this afternoon I'm still having slight cramps off and on but wiped and got the slightest twinge of blood. It seems late for implantation bleeding, glow tells me AF is due on Tuesday. I'm just wondering if this sounds normal to anyone so long after ovulating or could I just be getting AF?