Reheated Salmon--- mind if I puke??

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A very nice coworker heated up some Salmon for dinner tonight and its permeated the bulding!  I had to stick peppermint oil up my nose and cover it in my sweatshirt.  As soon as salmon is reheated it's not for me. Being pregnant it's amplified. Trying very hard not to give away that I'm pregnant, but come on! Torture! The only good Salmon is raw. Mmmmm.... Sushi. 
So... I go to the bathroom 3x an hour, smells make me sick, I'm wearing relaxes skirts and calling in sick and lying about having a "bug". Somebody must know around here. At least they're keeping it quiet. :). --not telling the office till its obvious. Hoping to make that time 5 months. 😜