Implantation bleeding or very short period?

Kylie • ❤

So, my period is supposed to be due on Monday (27 july) which would be exactly 14dpiui. I took a HPT yesterday (Sat 25 July) and got BFN. Today, I woke up and there was bleeding. It wasn't light but wasn't super heavy. It was moderate in amount and (TMI) soaked only one tampon where I had to change it and then it just kind of stopped. I have been checking it periodically all day (I'm still putting tampons in because if it is AF I don't want to leak everywhere) and it's only spotting. Like the top 1/8th of the tampon with brown & kind of red/bright orangish blood. When I wipe it doesn't even appear.

I've been reading a lot and I know implantation bleeding is rare and I know everyone's experience is different, but I was wondering if anyone experienced something similar to this and ended up with a BFP?

I'm going to test tomorrow if I don't start bleeding just to be sure.