I juat found out i am pregnant today, i took multiple tests. Now let me tell you my situation : I started seeing a guy and we went out a couple times, we did have sex , the last time we had sex he had finished in me , after that we just drifted apart started talking less . Now i find out im pregnat and its 100% his... I am 20 and he is 26 , i work full time my job pays $15hr ,i have my own car,  i live in canada and i plan to join the police force when i can. He has a very stable job as well. Now to me it all comes down to if i should  go on with this pregnancy... I am so confused , i have always been against abortion, but now im the one who is stuck in the situation.. My issue is that we aren't together as a couple 
Any advice or previous experience stories would be great. I need support