What to do next-really need some help

Ok so on cycle day 60 and no period I'm usually irregular but before this I had three periods and they were all well under 40 days long and I been having classical signs of being pregnant. My boobs have been hurting only in the nipple through and have randomly seem bigger like almost a cup size bigger. I been supper tired my night shifts are almost unbearable. I been feeling just sick randomly throughout the day and have been having headaches all the time never ending. I been eating like crazy one day n the next I can't even look at food. And no period but I have had a test that could be slightly positive but at the same time it isn't enough to me to make me think im pregnant because it was only a hint of color in a little part of the bottom test line. What do you guys think my next step should be. Wait and take another home test or do to the doctor? I really don't trust these pee tests