What would you do...

So Here's my story....I'm 32, have been off of birth control for 10+ years...came to the conclusion that I couldn't get preggers and was ok with that! 
I met a guy(lets call him J) went on a couple of dates, J was nice but I wasn't sure where it was going, I couldn't read if he was interested or not...hooked up with a friend w benefits(that has no relationship potential, please don't judge)....things with J picked up and we started seeing each other regularly. Found out that J has had a vasectomy, which I was totally ok with. Realized I hadn't gotten Aunt Flo and I was late....took a home test and got my first BFP! Got blood work done and it confirmed it! Obviously it can't be Js therefore it is the Friends....Trouble is I have developed feelings for J...but found out in a couple of weeks he will be moving 4+ hours away and I really don't think a long term relationship will last. J doesn't know that I'm preggers yet. Should I even tell him? Or should I just enjoy the next few weeks w him before he moves and break it off??? 
I know this sounds crazy n I know what the right thing to do is....but I had to get it off my chest! I am super stressed about this because never in a million years would I have predicted that I would be in this situation!