Finally! After almost 4 years I left him.

So I was with my what I thought SO for almost 4 years he was an alcoholic and would get agressive and abusive when drunk and I am happy to say I have FINALLY left him!! I am 7 months pregnant and also with an 8 year old little boy but the best thing is that i am finally free! I tried to make it work, I tried to make him understand that I cared and loved him but boy!!! I was so blind for a every looong time. He was very kind and sweet and loving and cleaned and cooked when he wasnt drunk but as soon ad he would drink he was a total drifferent person he abused alcohol. The last straw was that I went to his job and I couldnt believe that he was drunk working and every customer just knew. I was so embarrassed even though nobody knew I was with him but I couldnt believe what I was seeing he has a problem and its sad because I still care and love him but I had enough I am not turning back around. It is to stressful to put up with someone with an addiction problem. Im telling ya if you ever meet someone with an addiction RUN! Do not get involved with that person they will make you miserable and depressed.