Can we be more positive on BFP pics

Aftin • Baby #1 born 4/6/16, TTC #2 (hoping for a girl 💜)
I understand the feeling of 'loss', but when all these women are so excited for a BFP (including myself), why can't other women just say congrats? I look at faint positives and April 2016 buddies... I love commenting on all the HAPPY NEWS! But as I scroll down there's always not just one, but MULTIPLE stories and comments about how many miscarriages or chemical pregnancies you've had. Can't we just celebrate? Even if God has other plans for us, just getting a BFP is a reason alone to CELEBRATE! Some women can't even get to this point of ever seeing a positive pregnancy test. I know for myself that the last thing I want to read or hear on MY BFP test pics is how many MC or chemicals you've lost! KEEP IT TO YOURSELF LADIES! Let's be positive for each other... I can't help but to start second guessing this pregnancy, and many other women do to from what I've read, LET US CELEBRATE! Thanks for reading :-)