dont think my husband believes me...😫

this is more to vent i guess but... my husband doesnt seem to believe my when i tell him i've stopped taking my birth control... i told him about a week before i came off that i was going to finish that pack and then stop taking it to regulate my cycle, and that if he didnt want to try straight away we should use condoms... then i told him when i came off and im pretty sure he just ignored it😩 then about a month afterr taking it, i pointed it out again and he went 'yeah right'... i just feel like he doesnt believe it. despite the fact my pills are no longer on the nightstand and he hasnt seen me take them the whole time i've been off😒 but we're still having unprotected sex... i told him condoms were his responsibility because he has issues with certain types or something, idk he bitched last time i told him to get them. im just worried he's going to blame me if i end up pregnant or something😓😫