I MCd 12 days ago, at 8 weeks, I'm assuming. Bled for 10 days. Took hpt on Friday, so 4 days ago, came up BFP immediately. I have cm like I did in beginning of preg or when I ovulate. I started bleeding at 5 months. My BF & I were so happy to finally not have bleeding and have sex, that we have in the past few days several times. Can I get preg right away? I wanted to wait a few months before we try again. Or, does my body think I am? There was so much pain and blood I'm 99% I miscarried. I have no insurance, and figured I'd take tests weekly until bfn, or fever or pain. I'd LOVE to still be pregnant but other than slight nausea, I have no symptoms. I'd be 10 weeks today. I also have cysts and fibroids if that matters. Thanks