Zoloft during 3rd trimester

Hello everyone, just wondering if anyone has experienced this... 
  I have had severe depression my entire life..as soon as I found out I was pregnant I got off my medicine (I was taking Pristiq 100 mg-which btw is the best medicine I have ever taken) anyway, I was "alright" until about 15 weeks then I was starting to cry more get paranoid angry and just mean like I normally do. So my dr put me on Zoloft 50 mg... I have only been taking 25 mg of it and I no longer hate my life and everyone around me. But my new dr ( I had to switch OBs due to incompatibility)  and the new one said it was fine that I was taking it but that I need to get off of it during my 3rd trimester. And that scares the poo out of me. I NEED this medicine for my safety and my families safety. I read online and some women have taken it their entire pregnancy so why can't I?? Any advice will help! Thanks 😊