Baby Amiyah

Jenn • Had baby girl on July 22.
Due 7/26 induced 7/22 due to decrease movement and find ke growth stuck at 34.5. Hospital at 10
Fluid and IV at 10:30
Waters broke at 11:20 still no real pain other than slight burn in IV 
Peed at 12:15 lost a lot of fluid. 
@1 checked made it to a 4
1:10 peed and lost more fluid
1:10 started patocin
@2 made it to a 5 and upped patocin. 
2:25 contractions getting stronger.And more frequent. 
3:15 epidural 
4:45 feel like a fat mermaid which better than beached whale. 
5:50 started to feel a little pressure measured about an 8
6:00new nurse started and measured 9.75
6:10 ready to push Dr Oneida came in and we pushed. Babies head was the wrong way so we tried to turn you. We got you pretty turned but your shoulder got stuck. And your cord was squished. Baby was blue but I gave it all I could and you made it @ 6:45 you were born!!! Scored an 8 on your agar score 1 point for color 1 for respiratory. Baby had 33 cc of cloudy fluid in her lungs. Dad was with her the whole time. Mom had a level 1 tear from the shoulder but other than that she felt good. Babe weighed 7.7 and were 20.5 inches long.