How to bring it up?

I'm pretty sure I have a mood disorder or possibly a personality disorder. I know I'm paranoid, the doctors diagnosed me with paranoia a while back but I don't take any medication for it. They have diagnosed me with severe anxiety and said that I have either severe depression a mood disorder or a personality disorder. They treated me for anxiety with meds that helped but I stopped taking them because I always felt tired and sick on them. They treated me for depression with every depression medication they had out there and it only made me more depressed on top of they made me very ill. They decided to just keep treating me with depression by trying new medication or therapy, none of which worked. Because I was so young they didn't want to look into treating or more testing for the mood or personality disorder so my mother decided it was just best to stop going to the doctors because they refused to continue to look into what was causing my extreme ups and downs. I learned to just deal and kind of control who I am... as I find myself continuing to get older I have noticed myself having a harder time controlling this part of me. It causes alot of issues in my relationship. My husband knows about my paranoia, my anxiety, my depression and he's seen first hand my extreme highs and lows. I kind of want to get re evaluated and see if something can be done but I'm not sure how to bring this up to him, I'm nervous at how he will react. I know this is stupid to feel this way when he already knows everything and what not but every time I go to talk to him about it I feel a huge lump form in my throat and I can't bring myself to say anything about it. This and we are trying to concieve so I don't know if I can even take anything or if he's going to want to continue trying if we do find out I have a personality disorder or a mood disorder. Please help!! Please, please, please no rude comments