MIL drama

I’m so sorry if this is all over the place

So my MIL is an alcoholic and long story short she got pissed off at my husband and I and decided to make up a contract for watching our son. My MIL got pissed cause I talked to my SIL and this whole drama started i July. The contract states that we have to pay her X amount of $ every time she watches him. So I was over at my SIL’s house and she wanted to talk to me in private so I agreed to talk to her. As soon as I started to talk to her she began to be very argumentative and defensive. I finally had said that we are family and we need to drop this drama and move on. My family has been nothing but supportive and has offered many time to watch my son many time and they would NEVER change my husband and I to watch our son. So I said that I am very Grateful for the family we have. She lost it and said that I had said the wrong thing. So I said I’m done and if you cannot let any of this go I have no choice but to not let you see your grandson. I told her when she wants to let things go and she apologizes to both my husband and I and she may then see her grandson. Not to mention that she is talking S**t about her own grandson and about me and I’m sorry that’s where the mama bear in me had to come out and there was so much other things I could have brought up but I didn’t. So she has been blowing up my husband’s phone and he has been ignoring her. Before we had our son we moved and I now live 45 minutes from my parents and I had a hard time being that far away especially this is my first baby. But I cannot Believe my MIL that she talk s**t about my parents. I feel bad but as a mother I don’t want my son around a toxic person.