My Angel Baby!!! Never give up hope!

Brantley Thomas was born July 23rd at 10:28pm after a long 23 hours of labor and and hour and a half of pushing! He weighed 6lbs, 9oz 19 inches and was in respiratory distress. I didn't get skin to skin, I only held him for less than a minute, I didn't get to breast feed. In the morning the level 2 nursery nurse told me my baby boy was having frequent seizures. I was terrified. They transported him to Cardinal Glennon is St. Louis over 2 hours away. My baby didn't cry, he had a feeding tube, and was on oxygen. I couldn't hold him, feed him, or kiss his little cheeks. We feared brain damage from suction use during the delivery orna worse brain deformity. I was asking myself if my baby was going to die. Worst feeling in the entire world. Two days after delivery my angel baby woke up and suddenly all the seizures stopped. He was responsive and alert. He ripped out his feeding tube, but that only made their decision easier to bottle feed him! My baby now shows very normal signs and is doing amazing! No damage or deformities! Instead neurologists think we got a "summer time" viral infection, or he had trauma from delivery because he is totally doing great now. Never lose hope! We should get to go home in a few short days!! 💙