TMI: Bleeding & Pregnant

so i had been spotting on & off for the last 2 days. i wasn’t worried at first because it was brown blood and very very light. but it started to progressively get worse. yesterday my brown spotting turned to bright red. & it was only there when i wiped. it doesn’t even hit the pad. my husband and i haven’t had sex since we found out (two weeks ago) but we’ve still been messing around (he got me to orgasm but through clitoral stimulation). i noticed when i wiped yesterday it was a dark red and had what looked like either mucous or clots. i freaked out and wanted to go to the ER. we went and they ran some blood tests and did an ultrasound. after my vaginal ultrasound i bled a little more (which i understand is normal) but they said it didn’t look like an ectopic since my ovaries looked normal. since it’s still early, they said they can see the gestational sac but it’s hard to tell if the baby is there. my hcg levels are at 1600 & want me to go get blood work done on wednesday morning to make sure they’re going up.

we’re about 6w5d today and have our first OB appointment this upcoming friday.

i’m so terrified at this point and it’s our first pregnancy. i’m experiencing NO cramping whatsoever.

has anyone been through something like this and had a healthy baby as an outcome? please help me 😭