Trying to conceive

Hello everyone, last year I was diagnosed with PCOS and I am trying to conceive now at 25 years of age. The doctor prescribed me a round clomiphene and did not work. We were very devastated. He put me again on clomiphene for my second round but told me that taking it with metformin will most likely help me conceive. He said if this did not work I will have to see an infertility doctor. I have to take metformin twice a day (1000mg each which I thought might be too strong 2000mg total) with morning and evening meals, take clomiphene on the third day of my cycle till the 9th and also take prenatals. Please I would like to hear any success stories with the mixture of these two meds. I read that metformin is for high blood sugar so I was confused on how this might work. Advice and stories!?!