Would you allow your 13 yr old daughter date a 17 year old?!

A co-worker of mine has a "troubled" 13 year old daughter, who has been having a lot of issues since she was extremely young. This mother is completely naive, and constantly talks about personal issues, home life and everything she says is really bizarre. This young girls has been with boy after boy, the last boyfriend was 15, this new one is 17. From the stories she's told everyone, I'm 100% sure this 13 year old is sexually active. But has her mother convinced "she only likes to cuddle"... I keep telling her she really needs to get with the program, only because she spills her guts to me and everyone else at work, every day! I'm sure this child will soon become pregnant, and from how wAcked out her mother is, I'm sure she'd actually be happy about it! I think because this girl was adopted as a child from a crack addict birth mom, and she couldn't have kids of her own. What would you say or do?

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