**Personal*Rant** mother in law ahhhh!...kinda long

Ashley • Hi!! My names Ashley Im 34 and have 3 daughters and im madly in love with my husband my whole fam has baby fever😀
So i have to get this out b4 i explode i walk around with an attitude towards him for no reason well here is my reason...We just recently moved into a 4 bedroom home and we have 4 daughters ( i have 3 he has 1) anyway their ages are 12 10 8 and 4..the 8 and 10 yr old share a room and my 12 and 4 yr old share a room...me and my so share a room and he is keeping this other room that i could make into my 4 yr olds or something for his mom he went and got her a bed and bed set and cable in her room and not our kids room and she isnt even here she stays down the street at his brothers and she was supposed to come live with us when we moved in but she continues to stay there so it is driving me crazy its like he is silently begging her to come stay and here is the worst part she is crazy!!! she was normal then 1 night( im not trying to be funny either) she woke up left and they found her walking around naked in a walmart parking lot and she became schizophrenic and talks about the devil is in the tvs and game systems and phones she talks to ppl in her head that have been dead and she sits and stares at u for ever and it drives me insane i wish i didnt feel this way and i help as much as i can with doc appts and phonecalls ect. am i wrong? i get mad at him but then im like well if it was my mom id b doing the same but its not and i wish i was more sympathetic towards her and him but its like cant we just have our own home and let our kids have their own rooms and to add he is wanting a baby asap so what happens if we conceive where will we put the baby...why get this room all ready when she obviously doesnt wanna come here why not let 1 of the kids have it...am i being a brat or can u ladies relate at all??? sorry so long