Surgery tomorrow


I lost my first baby (a boy) at 18 weeks in November of last year. I'm now 20 weeks and 1 day pregnant with my second son (Elijah).

Because of the circumstances, and the way that I lost my first baby, my doctor has treated me as a high risk pregnancy since the beginning. So, she has my cervix measured every two weeks.

I started out with my cervix measuring 4.4 for the majority of my pregnancy so far. When they saw me 2 weeks ago that's where it was measuring, but yesterday (only 2 weeks later) it was measuring a 3.3.

Because of the drastic change, my doctors decided a cerclage would be best. I go in tomorrow morning for the surgery.

I'm all for it - I'll do any and everything I can for my baby...but I'm so scared! I've never had a surgery before, or an epidural. Then there's the risk factor for Elijah and I...I'm a nervous wreck.

Has anyone gotten a cerclage? What was your experience? Did it help you carry your baby longer?

Thank yall in advance!