Dread breastfeeding every day:/

Every time it gets time to breastfeed, i get to where i get almost in tears because my breasts are still so sore. My baby girl is almost 3 weeks old and has a very strong latch and lately the first feeding of the day doesnt hurt very bad at all, i just have to brace myself cuz im expecting it to hurt, but then every feeding after that hurts the rest of the day because the scabs on my nipples i guess get opened up after that first feeding. I really really want to breast feed her, i just am so ready for the sore stage to be over! I feel that it almost is but my supply has gotten soo low now because i only feed her a couple times a day now because im trying to let my nipples try to heal up. When she latches she will suck a few times and unlatch then relatch and repeat the process like 5 times before staying latched finally, i feel that has alot to do with the soreness. Any advice to get me through this tough period of breastfeeding?)