Help! I can’t sleep! 😩 (marijuana?)

So I’ve been a cannabis smoker for a few years now but I decided to give up smoking when I had my first baby in January of this year. Cannabis has helped me relax and always gave me a good nights rest. I would wake up feeling energized and great and ready to take on my day... I was having sleep issues before I started using cannabis and did sleep study which my doctor tried to put me on sleeping pills but they came with a bad side effect: sleep walking!! So I never took the pills because I live on the third floor there are several windows which I could fall out of and being afraid of not knowing if I hurt someone like if I were to hurt my baby but not know! I haven’t smoked since I got pregnant last year and was doing fine. Just recently I started having sleeping issues again! I fall asleep but wake up extremely tired! I cannot get myself to feel satisfied sleep wise. Ive tried cbd gummies but they only help with pain and not sleep... anyone been in this situation what do you recommend I do!? I also have full custody of my daughter since my ex was abusive and smoking weed plays a big factor into that because I’m afraid of getting myself in trouble or losing my daughter to cps! Most people will say it’s legal in Cali yes that’s true but I’ve heard of horror stories of people losing their kids over a custody dispute because one parent smokes weed! This was the case for my ex as well he admitted in court to smoking weed the judge granted me full custody as addition to him being abusive. What can I do!? Any suggestions on things I can try to help improve my sleep naturally?