someone please answer

It’s been almost a year and half. My boyfriends sperm analysis was amazing and my tests were great too.. We do it all the time for a year then tried doing it every other day, it’s so upsetting because his sister lives at home doesn’t work & neither does her bf and they can’t even support the kid yet they’re having one. I want to delete this app and everything else. I want to try fertilaid i already tried pre seed. I see people trying for their second one and i’m over here begging for at least one. I literally cry all the time bc of it. It took my mother a year and 6 months. I’m going on a year and 4 months now. It hurts so bad I feel it in my heart I don’t want to do anything but sit and cry and see his sister bragging when I’ve been trying and trying and financially stable to have one. Her plan is to live off then government her exact words... First God took my Father the day after christmas 2017, still no positive... Want to just sit and cry for days. No motivation at all. I feel okay but when I check his sisters facebook I see nothing but bragging and her being praised. It hurts. Intensely bad... Advice please

The doctor said all is okay and it’s timing. I don’t get it because it’s been over a year.