Please help


Been trying to conceive for a few years now with no luck! I recently started takin Serrapeptase, and had sex a week before i took it. I had a theory that my tubes were blocked, and that’s what Serrapeptase can be used for. The week i started taking it i had the worst pelvic pain ever!! I could feel sharp pains on both sides even when i would breath in and out. I started having white creamy CM, then my cervix was soft and open with egg white discharge, i use a <a href="">period tracker</a> and its say my period was supposed to start 3 days ago and i know it’s not always accurate. Now I’m having egg white discharge still and my cervix is medium closed and firm. I haven’t had any symptoms other than fatigue. I’m hoping for a BFP. I can always tell when my AF (Aunt Flo - menstruation/period) is coming because i get mild cramping but i haven’t got anything since then, i always get twinges different places in my body i had a burning sensation in my breast yesterday and a small twinge in my stomach area.