😔 😔

I cooked dinner which took some time. I called my partner to dinner, he didn't like what I cooked so didn't eat it. He told me he doesn't like asparagus which I put in the stuffed chicken. I got up and done dishes, he put his plate on the bench and walked away to his computer room. Didn't help me. there was no 'Thankyou' 'do you need help' ' I'll clean up the pee' NOTHING. he saw the puppy pee in the house and left it. I got angry and asked him to help me. He didn't help me at all. I cleaned up the pee and threw the towel near the computer room door. He yelled at me to 'go fuck myself' I said 'I gladly will, will probably be the best fuck I've had' (because him and I rarely have sex like once in a blue moon) He then yelled out ' well why would I want to fuck you? then made a sound like he was grossed out. I feel so shit. To hear that my partner is grossed out by having sex with me breaks my heart. I feel horrible.. I didn't even know what to say to that. I guess I won't kiss him, let him see me in the shower.. I am so hurt. Any advice?