What do you think, not pulling over for a cop?

I was reading this, and did some research. Obviously if you're in public, you pull over. But if it was dark, and you were on an abandoned road, a few miles from anything, what would you do? I talked to a friend of mine who is a police officer and his response was "Lets say you're driving at night, on a road that's poorly lit, and there's no civilization. A cop pulls you over. You have to take into account first, are you doing something wrong? Either way, many cops abuse power. If you're in that situation, I as a police officer would consider calling the police and ask them to contact the police officer trying to pull you over, for your safety. If you are within a mile or so of a public place, simply drive there and pull over." 
I somewhat agree. Because like he said, many police abuse their power, not all of course. But I have seen many police officers who have physically beat victims when they aren't resiting, entering homes when they have no right,  and one man around here was pulled out of his car, forced on the ground, tazed, and handcuffed. They even have it on video! The officer never told him to get out, simply opened the door and ripped him out. He didn't resist on the ground, yet was tazed. Was handcuffed, without his rights being told to him. The police officer has no had any charges yet but the man is filing against the city. What are your opinions on this? It's scary that even police officers would suggest this! Shows you how serious it is!