Is it normal..?


I don't know why but every year before my birthday I fight with my parents. So they always out me in a bad mood just before my only happiest day. I'm turning 20 years old tomorrow and I sincerely don't understand what I've done wrong to have all this disrespect. I've never lied to them and always did what they asked me for. I did all the things that ny whole family couldn't do: graduate, not get a boyfriend, not get pregnant or fuck know what else. I'm seriously tired because I've been always the perfect daughter but all they do is disrespect me. I decided to make my own cake for tomorrow and while I was showing them what decorations I bought, they joked on how the kitchen will look like a mess and how my mum will have to clean at midnight. They always look at me like I can't do anything and won't be successful in life. All that I'm asking is a little love and some respect, and believe a little in me. Am I asking too much? To be loved by my own family? I seriously can't wait to find a job and fly miles away from them. I'm seriously disappointed with my life. No true friends, no family. Nothing.