AF after late MC/D&C?


Hello everyone. I know plenty of people ask this, but I couldn't find anything for what to expect after a late miscarriage AND a D&C.

I gave birth to my beautiful son at 21+5 on July 21st. I had some very light bleeding on and off after losing him until July 27th when I rushed back to the hospital feeling like I was in labor again. I still had some placenta so they did a D&C. Again, light spotting for maybe 2 days after and nothing since. I also took a HPT just a few days after the D&C which was negative.

I am now going on 5/6 weeks and no sign of AF. I usually have really heavy periods and cramping with my cycles so that's sort of what I'm waiting for.

I had some left sided cramping on the 21st. I figure that's probably when I ovulated. I also had an incredible spike of hormones a few days after that where I had heart palpitations, hot flashes, nausea, and just generally super emotional days. Very similar to what I experienced after getting off Depo Provera.

I'm so lost. Today I'm having a ton of really watery, clear discharge. I think I'm just looking too hard to figure out where I'm at in my cycle.

So what was y'all's experience with MC & DC? How long did it take for AF and did you have any symptoms before it started?