Not as hard penis

My partner can’t get his penis as hard as he used to. He’s 38. I’m not gonna say anything to him or ask questions and possibly make

It worse. Does anyone think a penis ring might help this possibly. It’s hard enough to have sex w and he always gets off it’s just less hard and more bendable. Sometimes that can make getting in there right position to get sex going a little harder. Anyone have tips? It’s definitely not to the point of viagra or anything. But I was wondering if there was something like a cock ring I could introduce and maybe it might make it a little better. I’m definitely not telling him the reason for trying the cock ring. I think if I get him overly worried about this it will make it worse. He did say we could try a cock ring when I asked. And if anyone is using a cock ring what would you recommend for a

Beginner. He’s penis is about average size. I don’t know any exact measurements or anything. I was also hoping maybe the cock ring would give him better orgasms. Ans maybe sometime we


Get one

That vibrates also for me. For

The first one I don’t want one that vibrates. The one we tried before didn’t hit on

My clit. Any other ideas

That might work wo getting him

Overly conscious of this and possibly make

It worse.