Stupid pregnancy hormones. Language warning


Today is one of those days. I’ve had hives for two weeks and we can’t figure out why. Thought it was my laundry detergent but I’ve washed every stitch of fabric in this house that touches me and it didn’t help. Dermatology can’t see me for 18 days and the closest clinic is 40 minutes away. Im between insurance coverage so the prescription cream they want me to use in the mean time is too much. I’m talking like $1066 for some fucking cream?!. I haven’t pooped in days. THE ONLY THING THAT HELPS ME POOP IS COFFEE AND I FEEL GUILTY FOR DRINKING IT but today said fuck it. I’m drinking some coffee. It’s hot and humid as balls outside. Me and my boyfriend are sharing a car and I’m over it. But it’s my fault i don’t have one because before i got pregnant i gave my car up to save money. My dad pissed me off because he didn’t like MY BABY NAME CHOICES so now he isn’t speaking to me. Medicaid is taking their sweet ass time to approve my application and keeps asking me for the same information I’ve given them 1048291992 times. Our apartment maintenance man let himself into our apartment while i was home alone TWICE THIS MORNING scaring the shit out of me. I had an ultrasound today and thought that seeing baby would help. Nope. Still pissed and IM CRYIN AND CANT STOP. Then i feel guilty for crying because I’m pregnant and so many people can’t be. Just needed to vent. 😩 but... my boyfriend is leaving work early to come hold me while I cry so I guess I’ll be okay.