So confused


So I have this app & another app that I had been using prior to this one to track my ovulation & cycles. So this app said I was suppose to start my af the 23rd of this month & nothing no spotting no period feeling nothing. My other app said yesterday (29th) it was suppose to start and again no period pms signs nothing and no spotting no bleeding. Last week I took 3 pregnancy test I had one that looked positive and the other two were negative. So I said let’s just wait to see if my period starts the 29th. Today later like a couple hours ago I went pee and some light brown spotting not even spotting really just only from wiping appeared. I’m not even wearing a pants liner that’s how light it is. so I said let’s take another test and again negative. The only signs I’ve been having is feeling tired, not wanting to do much just lounge around and eat like been craving certain things. Which isn’t normal for when I have a period I usually get horrible cramps & feel like crap. I’m just wondering wth is going on?! Any suggestions? This waiting sucks!