Dads second baby

This baby is my first and it's my boyfriends second. He criticizes everything I do or he will tell me I'm not doing something that I'm clearly doing. Example: milk gets in the neck. I wipe my babys neck with wipes everytime I change her diaper. But she is messy. He will tell me I'm not cleaning her neck and when I tell him I do we start arguing cause "apparently I'm lying". I'm really getting tired of it. Especially since I'm doing most of it by myself because he works. And that's another thing. Why is it okay for him not to help me because "he works" ? I'm always getting called lazy, but yet I keep the house clean, cook his ungrateful ass dinner everyday, and care for our newborn child. I'm to the point I just wanna go back to living with my parents and leave him. Anyone else have this problem? Cause I'm ready to pack my bags and go.