Confused, hurt and feeling betrayed.


I’m a 20 yr old girl with two beautiful daughters, one is 3 going on 4 (from my last relationship) and my other daughter is 4 weeks old today from my current relationship. My current relationship has been an emotional rollercoaster, and full of tears. I though that things would change once our baby girl got here, but I was in for a surprise. My boyfriend was doing an amazing job at being a dad but things turned around and I’m not sure what happened. He’s cheated on me multiple times, but I still forgave him to try and make it work (stupid me of course). I just feel so broken hearted by the way he speaks to me & treat me! I’m trying so hard to get out and so hard to do what’s best for my kids & I but I have no support. Advice needed please. My feelings are valid, everything I’ve said in the screenshots are valid. I’m taking care of my daughters alone everyday with no help, I wake up to make bottles, I wake up to change diapers and i don’t want any credit for it I just want help since I don’t make her alone.