I’m So embarrassed..

So after my boyfriend and I broke up I had my annual gynecology appointment and my test results came back positive for chlamydia I’m so embarrassed honestly I was freaking out. I had not had sex with anyone after we broke up and I don’t plan to for a while. I get tested every year, I guess I’m just confused wether he cheated or maybe I got it from the last guy. He was a huge cheater and I’ve heard rumors about him cheating on me, but never had evidence besides some one texting me and telling me so I’m still unsure because he’s an amazing liar. I never told him I tested positive because I didn’t want him to think I cheated and gave it to him because that wouldn’t be true and the way it happened he doesn’t deserve to know. I’m beyond embarrassed and kind of feel helpless because I don’t know the truth or where it came from. my gyno called back a few days ago and think I should get blood tested to make sure there’s nothing major and let me tell you my heart dropped because in all honesty I don’t even want to know because I know I’d have to tell my mom again and I know she’d be heart broken. Has anyone else felt like this where you maybe had the same experience and did not want to go back to get tested just because your worried about the results? I don’t know what to do and I’m so depressed and worried because every little bump or rash I get I over analyze it and start researching and get my self all worked up again. I cannot talk to absolutely any one about it so I came here for some support or feedback. I cannot believe love really is blind and I dated some one I thought would change. But who knows.