False positive?? Update from poll

You guys what is going on??? AF wasn't due until the 3rd, so naturally I tested a few times last week, right. Well, I sadly got all BFN results! But remained hopeful until 3 days ago when i started getting light cramping and spotting. The spotting increased to a light flow and I obviously assumed it was aunt flow, so I counted myself out. Well af was very early, and I've been feeling REALLY weird; Constant small headaches, I'm STARVING always, very dizzy, a little shaky, exhausted etc.. so I was like what the hell, I'll take a test!

That's a faint line, right?? What do I do ya'll!!! Has anyone had anything like this? This photo was taken at 10 minutes, but the line was showing close to immediately, I just waited for it to dry.

As far as my current af situation, af usually is right on time, she is much lighter than normal, in fact I'd say less than half the amount of blood in comparison! My cramps only lasted the first full day as opposed to the full 4-6 days. What the crap is going on!??

Is this a bad test?

Did the bleeding affect the test?

Is it a false positive??