Butt first...

Dee • Married. First time mom.

Literally. He came butt first. It happened so fast.

This morning I went to the doctor she thought he was laying funny but didn’t think he was breeched. I was only 3cm. And I was 36 weeks.

My water broke at 9, it literally popped. Called doctor she said to come in. We get there at 9:45. I’m having contractions non stop. I’m in so much pain. I’m still 3cm tho. They’re doing the ultrasound and can’t find his head. So many people came in trying to find it and I’m dying in pain. They check me again I’m 5cm.

Than it happened so fast. I can’t even recall most of it. But basically they said the baby is breeched and he’s coming now. I’m like what no epidural. Nope.

I’m in a different room now. So many people in there and I’m screaming. They’re telling me to breath and I need to push now. He started coming out butt first, he peed and pooed in the process lol but I’m screaming I’m in pain, I’m weak, it was terrible!!!!!! He was half out with his butt in the air. He finally came out.

I’m in so much pain. But I’m sitting here while my baby sleeps and I just can’t fall asleep Bc I’m a worried wart and so in love lol but

Jensen Grey was born at 11:21 on August 30.