My SO the virgin.

So my man is a virgin and we're not gonna have sex until we're married which is not too long. Anyway, I was previously married and with other people before that and he says sometimes his lack of experience makes him nervous. Now when we'd first talked about it I asked how many people he'd thought I'd been woth. He said 12! (Not shaming anyone whose been with 12 plus men, please don't misunderatand) he's known me since we were toddlers, I started laughing when he'd said that (not the best choice, live and learn). So I guess he asked his mom about his feeling inadequate and she gave him great advice about how it's different with each person.

What can I say or do to make him feel better? I already know he's gonna be a fantastic lover, he's a people pleaser, he loves me on the most complete way and in our fooling around he's made me orgasm.

Any advice to boost his confidence?