Screw Preseed

Amanda • 2 👼🏻👼🏻 currently pregnant with my Rainbow baby🌈 ✨✨✨💕

Screw preseed didn’t do anything for me but Coconut oil finally did the trick this month!

Update: a little something. Just cuz it works with some people’s body chemistry doesn’t mean it will work with others. With that being said I’ve never had an issue from it, it’s good for a lot of things, but no one is forcing you to use it. If you have questions I’ll answer but if you simply prefer not to then don’t lol just keep it moving and use whatever works for you.(:

Another update: just about anything can disrupt your ph balance. The soap you use the lotion you use the powders and wipes you use. I personally never had a problem from coconut oil, but if your scared or are more prone to them don’t use it and move on to another post. Simple as that. I tried a multitude of things to ttc. A yeast infection and bacterial infection are treatable in no time, and I wanted my rainbow baby so so badly. So again look it up if you’d like, no ones forcing anyone but if you don’t like it move the hell along!😉👍🏻