Sad Post, Venting


Today I was cleaning my closet and found my wedding gown, or better said, the gown I was supposed to wear at my wedding about 4 years ago. I look at it and still feel an emptyness in my heart at the fact that my ex would call off our wedding 1 week prior to the date jist because he "didn't have the wedding rings." I have never been a materialistic person, I told him months before that I cpuld do with the cheapeat rings he could find, yet he insisted on diamonds. He had been insisting over the years prior to wait on marriage. I guess I should have noticed the signs. So the dress has been collecting dust in my closet for some reason over the past 4 years lol. So I decided to do play dress up with it šŸ˜‚. Now I know I would have looked beautiful in it. Also I take pride at the fact that I got the whole thing for less than $150 brand new, dress, veil, shawl, and shoes. šŸ˜ So I just wanted to share the pics with anyone willing to listen and can relate. Love and peace for everyone. ā¤āœŒ