Should I break up with him??

So my boyfriend and I have been dating since last July. Like our first date was in July. I’ll just give you reasons for which I’ve been thinking of cutting him off. He never formally asked me to be his girlfriend. actually, I was kind of the one who asked because I was like “tell me if this is official or not? yes or no” and he said yes. The reason he didn’t ask me was because he says he’s not really the relationship type. He basically didn’t know if he wanted something official or not. He’s never shown me off or anything (He’s never shown off any of his gfs bc he says he doesn’t like being public about his personal life).

He’s also kinda mean to me and has taken me for granted multiple times (I broke it off with him multiple times but we would always end up getting back). On a regular day, he replies super dry. Usually with one word and he’ll reply every half hour or every hour. He never really puts effort into asking me out on a date. We haven’t gone on a date date since May. It’s September. He didn’t even come see me on my birthday a couple days ago. He’s not really the affectionate type either and I really am. He isn’t affectionate unless we’re broken up or I’m mad and he’s trynna get me back to be like the usual me (affectionate and caring me). What do I do