Starting a new job at 11 weeks pregnant 😂😉😅


How do you think I should handle it? I unexpectedly had to quit my job a few days before I turned 7 weeks due to being physically assaulted by a violent client and being alone in a residential group home that didnt care about safety.

I have been looking for work for a month today, and yesterday I got the call that I will be the new (and only 😅) social worker for a nursing home about 25 minutes from my house. My previous job was 40 minutes away, working 2-10pm because I was lied to about my schedule, and had to work holidays. Now I'm 8-4, mon-friday, and no holidays. 😎😊 I could not be more excited about this opportunity, but when should I tell my new employer? I am considering telling her in about 3 to 4 weeks and saying I had found out, but hadn't had a scan done and then faulting my endometriosis and irregular periods for having not found out sooner 😂