Am i the most stupidest person ever!?

How would you answer this too? So my husband ask me if im on a diet, and i have to order either 8 slice of pizza or 10, which one would i order? I just said 8, maybe 10? Idk? 8? He ask me if im sure? I said nvm, if im om a diet, i wouldnt be ordering any pizza. He then said, but if i have no other choice, but those pizza, which one would i choose. I said ok, 8 then. He started laughing his ass off and said im soooo stupid and such a dumbass. He said theres no difference between an 8 and 10 slice of pizza, so i would have to eat none of it since im on a diet. I told him thats what i said the 2nd time, but he said if i have no other choice but only pizza. He got upset and said i should just accept the fact that im stupid and somethings wrong w me, cause that wasnt my 1st answer. He told me im the most stupiest person ever. He said if i was smart, i wouldve said that in the 1st place. Telling me im stupid and say you see how stupid you are? Lack so much knowledge and have such a dumb brain.