Raising a sensitive boy 💝


I have a 7 year old little boy. He’s different than other boys. Hes extremely sensitive. What makes him cry would make his step sister laugh. Lol they are opposites. For the longest time I was a single mother it was just me and my son. And I’m a person who’s pretty naturally sensitive also. So he definitely gets it from me. Then came along my husband. He’s such a wonderful man who took on the responsibility of raising my son. My husband was brought up in kind of a “tough it up” style household. Which honestly I think is fine. My husband is a wonderful man. Sometimes it’s hard to find balance though between celebrating my sons sensitive self and wanting to tell him to toughen up. When I know in reality toughening up would be SUPER good for him and his self esteem and abilities to make friends. I know he needs to. I want him to be rational and self confident and control his life. But he just kind of cries at every inconvenience. Any suggestions?? Just kind of ranting but ya know.