People are so rude 🤦🏽

yazmine • Teen Mom 16🥀||Rainbow Babygirl🌈💕

okay so I was in Walmart yesterday and this lady see's me and goes "congratulations ...your having a boy !" And I'm like ugh no a girl she goes "oh no baby your having a boy my stomach was just like that with my son they thought it was a girl he's penis was wrapped around the umbilical cord " in my head I'm like well I'm not you I told her "well I got my PRIVATE SCAN that I paid for at 18 weeks and her legs were wide open I know for sure my baby is a girl 😘😒

She really assumed she knew what I was having because the way my stomach is sitting like who tf are you a pregnancy god or some shit okay ...I'm young and pretty small just cuz my stomach sits up high doesn't mean I'm having a boy

Here's a picture of my stomach at 38+4 weeks