Any Stay at home moms here?


I was interested in starting a SAHM group to keep us ladies encouraged!

A little bit of my story:

I am pregnant with my second child. I had my first last year! So much of a break right? lol I worked all the way through with my first child kinda lol I stopped at 36 weeks. I worked I he school system, and since my daughter was born in May I ended up staying out the rest of the school year. I worked the entire 1st yr of my daughter's life. Honey let me tell you it was hard! We couldn't afford daycare so it was a struggle to find someone to watch our daughter during the day. The first day of Summer after the school yr we found out I was pregnant... again. I began to think about child care and how I would run into the same problem of missing work, and struggling to find care I can afford. It was hard with one it would be a challenge with two. Thats when my Husband and I decided it was best for me and our family to come home. So I am on a mission to find any SAHM I can buddy with to make this process as easy and smooth as possible. Share and tricks and tips with me. I would love to hear your stories too!.