My Step Brother 😍 (PART 3)

Part 3

Hours went by as I stared at my clock, waiting... 8:30 he said, my room. I lay on my bed, doing nothing. Well, that’s a lie. I did do something. I imagined and wondered. I imagined him and me, together. And honestly it made me feel pretty happy. 😊

I checked my clock one last time. Before deciding to actually get up from my bed. It was only 7:45. And I still had a long 45 minutes to go. I wanted to look sexy for Jake, something he hadn’t seen before in me. I took a quick shower, washed my hair and shaved every inch of my now glowing body. (Apart from my hair and eyebrows, obviously.) I got back to my room and fixed up my hair, I blow dried it and straightened it. I then done my make up, in my opinion it looked quite good. Then... the clothes or not... 😏😉 I searched in my underwear drawer until I found the pretty black box, it was tied with a bow made of ribbon. Keeping it closed.

I slowly undid the bow on top as I lifted off the black sparkly lid. It was my secret box, filled with only my best lingerie. I pulled out the ruby red lace thong and matching bra. I placed them on as if they were made of sheer gold. I rumbled around in my shoe cupboard until I found my red heels, I bought them ages ago but never found the time to wear them. Until now. I placed on my silk robe over the top, I didn’t want to show off too much just yet... 🙃😽

It was now 8:25, and I couldn’t wait any longer. I decided to get myself going, ever so slightly. I began to move my hands down to my red lace thong, leaving a cold trail of goosebumps as I went. My hand moved into my thong and onto my pussy, I rubbed at my clit lightly. Trying not to make too much noise. I stopped suddenly, figuring I was already wet enough.

And Jake was right on time. 8:30 it was and I was already dripping. 💧 Jake knocked the door 3 times. I gracefully walked to the door as I turned the handle lightly. I peered out my door and there Jake was. Looking hotter than usual, I guess he put in some effort aswell... not that he needed anyway. 😍

My mouth was lying wide open, possibly longer than it should’ve been. 😮 I quickly realised and let Jake in.

I closed and locked the door behind me, just in case anyone came home early... I continued to move over and close the curtains leaving us both completely hidden from the outside. I sat on top of my bed with my legs in a basket, not quite sure what to do.

“You look really beautiful.”

Jake said to me.

(That’s another thing I loved about him, he wasn’t like the other jerky jocks, he was kind and treated girls right. That’s probably one of the many things all the other girls loved about him aswell.)

I began to blush slightly. I tried to hide it, but I just couldn’t.

“Thank you.” ☺️

Jake sat there staring at me. Not quite sure what to say.

“Okay. You ready to learn?”

“More than ready.”

“First. I need you to... lose the robe.”

I stood up slowly. As I began to undo my belt on my dressing gown. I let it slip onto my shoulders and down to the floor as it fell lightly into a small bundle. Leaving me standing in my lingerie. 😘

I guess it was his turn to blush. I looked down at Jakes crotch quickly, to find a very large bulge growing.

Jake decided to catch up with me. He took off his shirt, revealing his abs. Then followed by kicking off his shoes and socks, and then his trousers. Finally he took of his CK boxers. Revealing his 10 inch dick, already semi erect. His dick was large and thick. Just what I needed. 🤤

I began to see Jake in a different way, he was now way more than just my step brother I had a crush on. This was happening. And I began to get more and more turned on by him. 🙈🙉🙊

“You like what you see?”

“Oh god yes.”

“First thing I’m going to teach you, is what to do with it. I need you to sit on the bed.”

I obeyed as I sat down on the bed, close to the edge. Jake walked over to me and stood in front of me, his dick just at face level for me.

“Okay. So just hold it for me.”