Sooo confused guys!!

My husband and I are trying to conceive and I’ve been taking a lot of tests! I have no patience haha. I got a test that was a real squinted, but gave me slight hope I could be pregnant. Later that day I got the urge to test again with a digital I had, and it came back yes+ ! I was so excited! I came up with this whole plan to tell my husband and did it that day when he came home from work, we were so excited! The next morning I woke up to period cramps and bleeding! I took another cheapie test and still thought I saw a faint line. I continued to bleed for the next two days, lightly with no pain. Today I got a weeks indictor clearblue and a regular first response and both are negative. :(

This was last week and I assumed this was a chemical pregnancy. I stopped bleeding on the 3rd. Today I haven’t been feeling well so took a test I had and got this.

I took it out of the casing to get a better look. Within timeframe

What is happening?

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