Did i do the right thing..? [long post]

Ok so back in December my family came over and spent Christmas with us..after one half of my family left, my cousins who also live in NC stayed over..we had fun..played monopoly..when we went to bed my youngest cousin, he was 14 and so was i came into my bed..i didn't think much of it and we talked for about hour and a little later he started asking me some..personal and slightly sexual questions..i went along with it. Afterwards i layed down and said good night...a little later i felt something touching my breasts..i opened my eyes and he was touching me..i immediately jumped back..and he just said it was an accident...i went back to bed..and he got on top of me and started humping my leg and kissing my neck...i started crying and pushing him away..he kept going and he...kissed me...he stole my very first kiss and even after i started sobbing he kept going and..he rubbed his dick on me...i was so afraid and i didnt know what to do...i managed to get him off and i ran to the bathroom and slept there for the rest of the night...in the morning he apologized and said he couldnt control himself...i know i should have told my parents but...i was afraid that itd be taken the wrong way..and he always lies and manages to grt the blame off of him...after he left i cried for days...since then I've avoided him and whenever he slept over id lock my door..but he always texts me...well i have a bf now...and i told him ive never been kissed before..because i felt so ashamed...and it hurts because he always brags about how we had each others first kisses...today i texted my cousin back and told him to never contact me again and if he could just never come over whenever he had the chance to...he agreed and he hasnt texted me so far..but i feel guilty...i feel like i should have said something way sooner...

do you think i did the right thing...or was i too late..?

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